20 June 2012

Pag sinipag nga naman

Molik Karn, Titan Bronzeback, & Malice. 2 warbeasts and a warjack finished in one week* and its only Wednesday! Also assembled Zaal.

Next up: Mechanithralls and Preatorian Swordsmen! Strike while the iron is hot!

Unless my tamaditis suddenly strikes :D

*been working on karn and the bronzeback since last week but, yeah, finished them both yesterday. Started malice this morning, just finished.

13 June 2012

Red and Gold!

Xerxis, Molik Karn and a unit of Centrati fully painted. Morghoul2 about 90% done.

04 June 2012

now with more warbeasts

painting molik karn now. lost one of the shoulder spikes when i stripped him so i just plugged the hole with some greeen stuff.

got a bronzeback titan earlier today. damned things assembly was kinda easy but filling in all those gaps took a lot if time. i arranged the hands so that it looks as if its charging -at least i think it looks like its charging- which meant more gaps to be filled. putting it on the base was also a bit hard since, whatever angle you put it in, however far back you place it in the base, its tusks will go out up to almost an inch in front of it.

bahala na kung paano sya papasok sa .5" melee range hehehe

22 May 2012

tyrant xerxis

finally done with xerxis!

yeah. default skorne colors using slightly a different method.

vmc carmine red for the flats, highlighted with khador highlight and heartfire then washed with p3 red ink. followed the skorne book recipe of umbral umber, exile blue and coal black for shading.

for the golds, vgc glorious gold was used as a base for the armor trim and red lacquered areas. this was followed by a wash of citadel agrax earthshade for the trim and p3 red ink for the lacquered parts. finally a final shading of citadel nuln oil was applied to the deepest parts.

the steel areas of the pillars of halaak was painted with a base of pig iron, washed with nuln oil and highlighted with cold steel. thesand on xerxis' base and horns/tusks/teeth on his back banners were basecoated with jack bone and washed with agrax earthshade.

i believe that i will start hoarding agrax earthshade and nuln oil now :D